How Can Telehealth Services Be Useful in Coronavirus Outbreak?

Due to an explosion of patients in the hospitals and healthcare units, doctors are unable to find time for in-visit consultations. That’s how the coronavirus outbreak is crippling the healthcare system of the country. Can you beat that? Well, if it happened a decade earlier, things could have been worse. However, since the surge in demand for medical cannabis cards or 420 evaluations has readily opened the gates for online or telemedicine services. 

And guess what… 

A practice that was common for the patients looking for medical marijuana recommendations is turning to be critical for the management of this coronavirus outbreak. The fact that it got a boost of around $8 million emergency funding explains its importance in these testing times. It would be one of the best approaches when the world is going under lockdown and practicing social distancing. 

You start to worry, should I use this relatively new technology or stick to the conventional means? Keep reading, and you will know the benefits of telehealth services. 

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Why Should You Opt For Telehealth Services?

Experts are even marking it as a turning point of the virtual healthcare services. The idea that was often criticized by many since they feared they won’t be liable for any health insurance policies under such circumstances. 

But, the truth is health insurance plans do offer their customers the option of online doctor consultations. However, only a few patients access these benefits and usually go to an urgent care center instead. Imagine the scenario; you have flu-like symptoms, but you want to confirm it. How will you prefer to verify your condition? By showing unannounced at a medical center and risking exposure or by directly talking to a doctor using a phone call or a video call?

Patients who are at high risk of exposing themselves to this contagion can always go for a virtual visit instead of waiting and be at risk of potential infections. That is the best way to avoid spreading any infection. Learn from medical marijuana users who have been using this technology for obtaining their 420 evaluations. 

Of course, they switched to virtual recommendations because of privacy guidelines. However, since the world is now changing its stance for medical marijuana, they kept using the services since they gave them an advantage of comfort. 

No more waiting rooms or missed appointments indeed. A concept that will work wonders during this pandemic situation. 

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How Are Health Systems Adapting During Covid-19 Outbreak?

Health systems are day-by-day adapting to develop their virtual services as a first-line medium to handle an influx of patients. Everybody understands this is a crisis and that not everyone can be treated personally in such a situation. So, if you are looking for follow-up care or a routine check-up, it’s best to use such virtual services and stay safe in your home. 

The Covid-19 Outbreak is showing the possibility of using telehealth services in a much productive way for different kinds of consultations. For example, one can get their medical cannabis card using telemedicine and find their medicine from any cannabis dispensary in this situation. Even doctors who are using self-quarantine practices can use video calls for accessing their patient’s health. 

So, hospitals are working on increasing their clinical staffing to avoid any lengthy delays. For instance, major healthcare systems saw a 15-fold rise in virtual visits in the last week. The remote consultations are increasing to 60 in some hospitals. The only reason for such an exponential increase is because this technology is helping both doctors and patients to prevent further spread of the virus. 

Some hospitals are also working on using the same technology to deliver home healthcare to the ones who could be at high risk because of their chronic medical condition. However, it does not mean if you require any emergency care, you should not visit a doctor. So, if you are looking for a medical marijuana grower license in Yuba City or online 420 evaluations, switch to telemedicine services right away. 

Final Thoughts 

The Covid-19 outbreak is testing the healthcare practices of the world. It does not matter whether you live in a developed or developing nation. You must be proactive in installing systems or technology that will prevent any further spread of this deadly disease. 

Thankfully, the patients are promptly switching to this new technology. Many of them don’t want to expose themselves to any viral attack and are looking for medical cannabis cards through online 420 evaluations.

It’s time others also start using this gift of technology and prevent this pandemic from any further spread. Practice social distancing and be safe. 

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