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Marijuana Alternatives To Smoking And Vaping for Medical Consumption

Marijuana Alternatives for Medical Consumption

As Marijuana usage grows in leaps and bounds in the mainstream medical world, people want to try more than just smoking and vaping as a form of consumption for obvious reasons.

These reasons start from health-oriented, all the way to just a personal preference. Just because what you see in the mainstream media is all about smoking does not mean there isn’t more.

Certain methods actually last a lot longer and are easier to consume as well. Once you get a medical cannabis card you will see at your dispensary the amount of options you actually have. We have narrowed down a couple of marijuana alternatives that may help you out.

List Of Marijuana Alternatives:

1. Tinctures

Tinctures have been around for a long long time. There are herbal tinctures available on the market. The cannabis ones use alcohol as a base.


They are extremely potent and thus should be handled with caution. A couple of drops are enough to get the effects. Another wonderful thing about using tinctures is that they are easy to consume. They are additionally portable and discrete, as well as have multiple flavors to select from.

A dropper ensures that your dosage is precise.

2. Edibles

Once you are sure of the dosage and you are someone who enjoys a full-body high, then this is the one for you.

Marijuana Edibles

The options available range from pot brownies to a ghee infusion. Any MMJ doctor will advise you to begin with about a 2.5g THC dosage. Anything more initially might get you too high. Since this dosage has no bearing on the amount you smoke, don’t think that just because you smoke a lot, you will be able to eat a lot.

Edibles also have a variety of options available to choose from.

3. Suppositories

This is not the most desirable option for most people, and I can see why. Suppositories require administered via the anus.

For people who are really sick, it can work wonders. Through this method, the cannabis bypasses the liver and goes straight to work.


For conditions like fibromyalgia, liver cancer, hemorrhoids, and seizure disorder this works immediately.

And as their size is roughly equal to the top section of the pinky finger, it is not half as unpleasant as you can imagine. It is also extremely concentrated and thus potent in its effects.

4. Transdermal Patches

A slow release of THC, CBD and CBN or a combination of cannabinoids, Transdermal patches are available in a variety of combinations.

They are a discreet option for people who are conscious about their consumption of cannabis. The slow-release mechanism ensures that you are medicated throughout the day.

The effects are more or less similar to that of smoking. The difference here is that the smoking session is an extremely long one. Easy to use and effective, the patch ensures that you don’t have to worry about your medicine while you go through your day.

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5. Topicals

If localized relief is what you’re looking at then topicals are the way to go. They don’t get you high, instead, you have relief in the required area.

Most topicals include CBD and don’t require a license. The ones which do have THC, have them in a quantity that is negligent, to begin with. THC, when applied topically, has no way to reach your bloodstream and cannot get you high.


For maximum effect go for a topical that has “full-spectrum’ mentioned on it. These have all the goodness of the cannabis plant via THC, CBD, and terpenes.

If you do not want to buy products off the market you can make them yourself. A Medical Marijuana Grower License allows you to do this in a legal. Check your state guidelines to know more about this.

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