Signs That Indicate Your Cannabis Plant Isn’t Healthy

If you own a medical cannabis card, it is very easy for you to have your own cannabis harvest. That’s right. Order a bag of seeds of your favorite cannabis strain and sow them today to have a lush yield tomorrow (or maybe a few months). So, no more leaving the safety of your home and visiting the dispensaries for a restock. Just a trip to your backyard is enough to grab your medication. Sounds great, right?

Growing cannabis at home isn’t a very complicated process. You just need to maintain the right growing conditions and feed the plants with a balanced diet of nutrients, water and light to ensure that your yield is high quality. Or you may come across a plant with contaminated or poor cannabis buds. 

Now, if you aren’t careful about the growing conditions of your cannabis plants, it will turn into an unhealthy plant. If you don’t tend to the problems immediately, you may have a yield that may be ineffective or not usable at all. So, look out for these common signs to make sure your plant is healthy


The first indication of an unhealthy plant is change in color. Discoloration can happen in any part of the plant. Generally, it is the leaves that start losing color and turn yellow or brown. If this is happening in your plant, there can be many possible causes. For example, your plant may be overexposed to light, it may have a nutrient deficiency or surplus or may be suffering from excess water absorption. In either case, it is very important to identify the cause and make the necessary changes immediately. 

In some cases your buds can turn brown too. It is usually a sign that your buds have become moldy. In this case, it is best to separate the moldy part and check the moisture and water levels. 


As your cannabis plants come closer to the flowering stage, its scent will get more intense. But remember, not all scent is a good sign. 

Cannabis plants can have a lot of different scents. Generally, your cannabis plants should have a herby, woody, or skunky smell. The description can vary based on the strain type. So, you can also expect a smell resembling the pine tree, lemon, lavender, or even vanilla. But, what’s more, important than knowing what your cannabis should smell like, you must be aware of how it should not smell like. 

If your harvest smells like wet grass, odor or urine, it is more than likely that your plant is moldy or infested with pests. 


Re-vegging is a process where a cannabis plant enters a vegetative state during or after the flowering state. This is a technique that some croppers employ to have more yield. However, if it is happening without you intending for it to happen, it can be a bad sign. You will have to put in more effort and time and may even have lower potency buds. 

Re-vegging is usually a result of a lack of dark hours. Cannabis plants need at least 12 hours of darkness. Any exposure to light during these hours will lead to re-vegging. 


You must be very careful when feeding your cannabis plants. If a balance is not maintained, the quality of cannabis will suffer. Improper balance of nutrients can also cause spotting in leaves. It usually appears as brown, white or yellow spots on cannabis leaves. 

It indicates lack of proper nutrients. Insufficient calcium, magnesium and boron levels can cause spotting in cannabis leaves. 

In some cases, the spotting can also be caused by Leaf Septoria or Fusarium Wilt. These are fungal growths that cause spotting in leaves. 


One of the many ways in which cannabis plants cry for help is curling of leaves. If you see the leaves curling by the edges or clawing, it’s time that you give some attention to the plant. 

Again, just like the decoloring of leaves, curling can be caused by a number of different reasons. It can be because of overwatering the plants or extreme cold or hot temperatures. In some cases, curling can also be caused by plant genetics. 


Growing your own cannabis plants has lots of advantages. It is convenient and saves a lot of money in the long run. All you have to do is make sure that the plants are well-maintained and get the right nutrition. Watch out for these signs and take care of them as soon as possible to have a good harvest. 

If you need more cannabis than a regular patient, you can always get a medical marijuana grower license to increase your limit for cannabis plants and grow upto 99 cannabis plants at your home. So, don’t wait and start growing your own cannabis at home. 

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