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Simple Ways to Save Money While Buying Cannabis

Save Money While Buying Cannabis

Cannabis, nowadays, is getting extremely popular in the country. With better research coming out on the herb, we are getting more and more aware of the medicinal benefits of it. And owing to this, the number of people applying for a medical cannabis card is spiking rapidly.

However, there’s one big problem with the use of marijuana- The cost of it is sometimes very high.

If you are an experienced marijuana user, you perhaps understand what I am talking about. Cannabis surely is a great treatment option against various medical ailments. But, even if you buy it from a reputed dispensary, the herb has the ability to burn a huge hole in your pocket. And that is something that stops many from benefitting from it.

Having said it all, cannabis users are always on the lookout for ways to lower their costs. And fortunately, we’ve found a few, which we have covered below. 

Read on to learn the art of saving money while buying marijuana.

Lower Your Consumption Frequency

Okay, I agree that consuming cannabis is fun. And yes, it may be helping you manage your medical condition. But it doesn’t mean you need to smoke joint after joint. There are many disadvantages to doing so.

Smoking cannabis frequently means you obviously need more of it. Furthermore, if you consume it so often, your body gets used to it and thus develops tolerance toward it, which means you need to take your consumption levels even further to feel the effects. As you can see now, both these scenarios are making matters worse moneywise.

Having said that, the one thing you should surely do to save on your supplies is to reduce your consumption frequency. 

Mix Your Strains

A very common thing I’ve observed in most marijuana users is that they all have at least one strain that is their all-time favorite. And whenever they visit a dispensary, that is the one they buy. However, this practice can prove quite costly to them. 

See, when you are using only one strain, there is a chance of it being a bit pricy. There may be some good cheaper options available that you haven’t tried yet. Moreover, when you consume a single strain for a long time, again, your body gets familiar with it, which means tolerance.

Having said this all, mixing your supply with a cheaper strain can be a really helpful solution here. First of all, you are directly reducing your overall cost, as now you have a mix of costly and cheaper strains. And secondly, you are avoiding developing tolerance, which means you’ll need a lesser supply.

Buy in Bulk

Buying your supplies in bulk can also save you a lot on your marijuana supplies. 


Well, you don’t even know but you spend a lot extra when buying cannabis in fewer quantities. This is mostly in the form of gas and time, which you have to pay for every time. However, if you buy it in bulk, you are paying this price only once instead of every other day. 

Additionally, dispensaries mostly have discount offers on buying in bulk. You may make use of it. Sometimes, you can easily get a discount of 10 to 15 percent on buying cannabis if your spending is higher.

Grow Your Own Cannabis

Have a medical cannabis card? Why don’t you grow cannabis on your own? See, when you buy cannabis from a dispensary, you pay a lot in the form of taxes and other charges, such as curing, storing, etc. But by growing it on your own, you can save it all. Yes, you’ll have to invest initially in tools and other important things. But you can recover that cost in one or two harvests only.

You should, though, keep in mind that growing cannabis isn’t allowed everywhere. And even where it is, there are limits. For instance, in California, you can only grow up to 6 plants at a time unless you have a medical marijuana grower’s license. And though, this license lets you grow more, there still is a limit of 100 sq. ft.

However, despite these limits, self-grown cannabis can save you a lot.

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