Things to Learn Before Trying Out Marijuana Edibles

Trying Out Marijuana Edibles

In the marijuana world, edibles have now become a very popular way of consuming cannabis. And this is especially true among medicinal patients. The way is considered a lot safer as compared to the traditional way of smoking. Given this, edibles have now become a very important part of the health regime of every cannabis consumer.

However, you should also note that the marijuana plant affects people a lot differently in the form of edibles. Having said that, if you are thinking of applying for 420 evaluations to get a medical marijuana card, here are a few things you should learn before you try out edibles.

Start Small

The first and foremost thing you should get in your mind before you try marijuana edibles is that you must start with a very small dosage. Remember, edibles affect your system very differently as compared to smoking. And given this, the chances of over consuming them are very high. This may cause extreme anxiety, paranoia, and in some very extreme cases, hallucinations too.

Having said that, if you are trying cannabis for the first time, you must not consume a dose of more than around 5 mg. Start with this much only and increase your dosage only if you don’t feel anything after waiting for some time. You should also remember that with edibles, it may take some time for the effects to show up. So, always wait for at least 30 minutes to an hour before you take another dosage.

Expect a Different High

Maybe you had a medical marijuana card before and are familiar with other ways of cannabis consumption already. In that case, if you are trying edibles out, you should be prepared for a very different high. 

Yes, the high will be calming and relaxing. But the intensity can be a bit different. With smoking, the cannabinoids of the cannabis plant enter your bloodstream almost immediately, as they travel through your lungs. However, with edibles, it takes some time due to following the digestive path. For this very reason, the high also lasts a lot longer. 

Also, while smoking, the heat destroys a lot of important compounds of the cannabis plant, making the method very inefficient. But with edibles, you don’t have to face any such issues. Due to this, an edible high is also a lot stronger.

Don’t Try Edibles on an Empty Stomach

Another thing you must know in order to consume cannabis edibles safely is that the effects of it also vary depending on if you are consuming it on an empty stomach or full. See, if you are consuming them on an empty stomach, the effects will be somewhat quicker and stronger. This is because your digestive system doesn’t have any other thing to work with. However, if you are consuming your edibles on a full stomach, your system will process them only after the food that is already in there. Given this, the effects get suppressed a little.

Another reason to consume cannabis edibles on a filled stomach is that when you are on an empty stomach, you may consume them more, just out of hunger. And this increases the chances of you overconsuming them.

You should always consume Edibles at Somewhere Safe

Edibles high can be very strong. And depending upon your metabolism and tolerance, you can’t judge the time it may take to hit you. With that said, if you are consuming cannabis edibles, you should prefer consuming it in a safe place. This will ensure that you won’t hurt yourself even if you consume more.

Additionally, being at a place you feel safe can also keep you relaxed. This again reduces your chances of getting a bad high from edibles. If you are not very much of a social person, you should avoid consuming them at a party or get together. Instead, prefer consuming them at your own home only. You may invite a few friends over if you feel comfortable.

Keep Them Away From Children

One of the very major problems with edibles for marijuana users with kids at home is that the products look exactly like any other food. Given this, the chances of your kids eating them accidentally are very high. You just can’t keep your edibles out in open. 

Edibles, you must remember, are very intoxicating. And if a child eats them, it can be very harmful to their health. Having said that, you must keep your edible products out of your child’s reach. 

In the end, having an MMJ card can help you a lot, in case your child consumes them mistakenly. So, if you don’t have one, you should apply for your 420 evaluations now.