Here’s why you should consider growing your own cannabis plants?

growing your own cannabis plants

Cannabis is open to many experiences. You must be aware of the most popular one that is consuming cannabis. People are synonymous with the high it offers. Well, the idea of growing is even better. It brings you one step closer to an ideal cannabis experience. If you have a medical marijuana grower license, you can expand your grow limit to 99 plants. That is huge considering the fact that you’ll put that to personal use. If you haven’t grown cannabis yet you might be wondering why growing is a good idea. Well, there are various reasons you should consider growing.

It’s legal now

For a considerable period of time, cannabis was viewed with suspicion. There was a ban on consuming and growing cannabis. Thankfully, this has changed now and people can dive into the full spectrum of benefits that cannabis offers. Most states have legalized the consumption and growth of cannabis. Well, the number of plants you can grow varies from state to state but the good thing is that the laws are relaxed now. In California,  you can grow up to 6 mature plants and if you have a medical marijuana grower license, you can extend that limit to 99 plants. Just remember that you are only to use it personally. If you are caught selling the produce, you can be arrested. So, grow freely and use the plant material to manage your medical condition. 

You have full control over the process

If you’re not growing your own plants, it’s natural that you’re sourcing your supply from the dispensary or some local peddler. If you have a medical marijuana card, dispensaries are a great option for you but they tend to be a bit expensive. On the other hand, if you purchase it from a local peddler, the quality is low and the product is usually adulterated. So, price and quality are two major issues here. Growing your own cannabis plants is an answer to these issues. That’s because you have full control of the entire process. From the germination of the seed to the harvest of your crop, you have active control over each step. You can decide the amount and type of fertilizer you want to use. This is crucial for the growth of healthy plants. When you pay continuous attention to the growing process, you can expect better quality produce. 

You can experiment

Growing cannabis plants is about following a single approach. There are various growing techniques you can use and that largely depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the process. If you want to grow your indoor plants, you’ll need grow lights and other equipment. Similarly, hydroponics is getting highly popular these days. So, you can try that too. You can explore the different options and select the one suited to your needs. In addition, it’s not just about experimenting with the growing process. You can even experiment with the different parts of the plant. When you source your cannabis supply from a dispensary, you usually get the bud. Well, the fact that you’re growing an entire plant means that you can use different parts and not just the bud. You can blend the leaves to prepare a smoothie or just use it any other way you like. In other words, growing your own plants allows you to experiment. 

It helps you save money

As we discussed earlier, if you purchase cannabis from the dispensary, it might be expensive. There are a lot of costs involved that include manufacturing, transport, and packing. So, it definitely costs more. Well, when you grow your own plants, you can cut-off all that extra price. You might have some initial costs when you set up but once you harvest, you’ll recover the entire cost. So, it’s like a one-time investment that pays you forever. In addition, you are able to produce more for the same price you pay at the dispensary. So, it definitely helps you save more. You can grow your favorite strains at the comfort of your home and dive into a relaxing cannabis experience. 

It serves as a good hobby

We are already battling a big pandemic right now. People are getting bored and looking for an escape. This has largely contributed to stress and anxiety. Cannabis is a great remedy for battling anxiety and other forms of mental friction. Well, growing your own cannabis can be a brilliant activity in lockdown. It keeps you away from boredom and helps you get productive. If you haven’t grown a plant earlier, you can easily watch some helpful videos online and get started with the process. Growing will not only be a new experience but teach you new things about the cannabis plants. It will bring you one step closer to nature and help you unwind with ease. So, start researching about the easily growable strains to get started. As you gain experience, you can experiment with new plant variety. Let this quarantine be a new learning experience for you. 

Undergo a medical marijuana evaluation to get started

If you are planning to grow in excess, 420 evaluation is what you need. It can allow you to source your grower license that expands your grow limit and helps you grow more plants. The evaluation is a simple process that starts with a prequalification form. You just need to enter your details and the clinic analyzes the details before linking you to a certified cannabis doctor. The certified cannabis doctor interacts with you via video call and tries to understand your health. The main aim of this process is to check if you have a qualifying medical condition that can be managed with the help of cannabis. This step is important because when you get the grower license, it gives you permission to grow your own plants for personal use. As we mentioned earlier, you are not allowed to sell that produce. So, you do remember that. Interaction with the doctor is beneficial because the doctor can inform you about the right strain for your health. So, you can gather some tips about the usage and dosage of cannabis. 

If you have been wondering whether you should grow or not, the pointers we’ve mentioned would surely trigger you to take the step forward. We’re sure you’re excited about the prospect. Just get a medical marijuana grower license to earn the right to grow freely. Along with that, do follow social distancing rules and trust the herb to keep you in good spirits during the pandemic.