4 Things You Need to Understand About Using Topicals


Cannabis is truly a magical herb and it can help with various health conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, glaucoma, migraine, and more. You can also buy medical cannabis for your condition by getting a medical cannabis card. With simple 420 evaluations, a licensed doctor can prescribe this license. Also, if you want to grow cannabis at your home, you can get a medical marijuana grower license to grow cannabis at home.

Now, there are many ways in which you can consume cannabis. These include smoking cannabis, vaping, eating edibles, and using topicals. Topicals are slowly becoming very popular among cannabis users. And the biggest reason for their popularity is that people can get relief from minor pain without experiencing the psychoactive effects. There are many types of cannabis topicals you can find on the market. From moisturizing lotions to balms and salves. You can choose your product according to your preference. But, here are some things that you must understand before you use topics.

1. Understand Where You Have to Apply Your Topical

Before you decide to apply your topical, make sure to pinpoint the area where you are feeling the discomfort. Pretty obvious, isn’t it? Still, many people fail to follow this simple step. You have to learn about the exact cause of your pain. For example, you can get a headache because of some tension in your neck. So, be sure to figure out the exact spot where the pain is coming from. And then apply your topical in that area. 

Sometimes it can be hard to pinpoint a specific area. At this moment, focus on some of the common sore spots like temples, neck, soles of your feet, back of heel/foot, elbows, knees and other joints, shoulders, and wrists.

2. Clean The Area Where You Have to Apply Topical

There are a lot of bacteria that can stick to our skin. So, before you apply your ointment to any specific area, clean that area well. Simply just clean the area with a moist cloth and scrub the area well with that cloth. You can also use a paper towel for this. The key here is to get rid of all the unwanted impurities from your skin. Once you have washed and cleaned the area well, dry it and then apply the topical.

3. Apply Topical And Then Wash Your Hands

After cleaning the area and drying it up, now it’s time to apply the topical. You have to be generous while applying cannabis topical to the affected area. You can apply it two to three times at once. Also, every time you apply your topical, make sure to massage and rub it vigorously into your skin. Massaging will enable topical to get absorbed in your skin well. Just don’t put too much pressure while massaging. Be gentle and firm. Putting too much pressure can increase your discomfort.

After applying your topical, remember to wash your hands well. Topicals can contain some touch of capsaicin, mint, or citrus. These can induce troubles in your nostril, or eye if you touch them accidentally. So, it’s better to just wash your hands after you have applied your topical.

4. Don’t Expect Too Much

Cannabis can be very helpful and it can surely help you in many ways. But you need to have patience. You can’t expect it to treat a lifetime condition such as arthritis as it was nothing. Cannabis can soothe your pain, it won’t cure the ailment completely every time. Also, the effects depend upon the ingredients in your topical.