5 Reasons Why You Should Grow Your Own Marijuana

Grow Your Own Marijuana

Cannabis has become a part of our daily lives now. So many health conditions it may help us with. But have you ever considered growing it on your own? If not, it’s probably high time. 

Yes, the legalization of cannabis has made the plant a lot easily accessible to the masses. There are cannabis dispensaries in the legalized states at very convenient distances. And you have thousands of products to choose from there. Given this, most people consider growing their own marijuana a big hassle. 

However, there are several genuine reasons why you should consider growing your own cannabis. Don’t believe me? I was actually expecting this response. And that’s why I’ve made this list for you.

Here are the top five reasons that will definitely convince you to apply for a medical marijuana grower license as soon as you complete reading this list.

So, let’s begin.

You have the Control

When you buy your cannabis from outside, even if it is a dispensary, you don’t know where exactly it is coming from. You are not sure if it checked for its quality or not. And this may mean you may be consuming adulterated product. The chances of this happening are even higher if you are buying from the street or black market.

However, if you are growing your own cannabis, you have complete control over the process. From germination to harvesting to drying and curing, everything is in your hands. And this means, the quality of the final products you will be consuming depends on you only. 

So, you just need to keep the environment right, and you will have the top quality cannabis for you to consume, all the time.

You have the Opportunity to Experiment

Another amazing reason to grow your own cannabis is that you can experiment on it as much as you want. You can try different techniques and training methods. But of course, a lot will depend on how much time and money you want to invest. Different things require different setups. And everything has its own cost.

Having said that, if you are interested in trying hydroponics or any other unique training technique, such as supercropping and topping, etc., growing cannabis at home is the way to go!

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to experiment with each individual part of the plant too. For instance, you may use sugar leaves in edibles or mix it with some hash. You can use less-dense leaves to make healthy juices. And if you have time, you may even try breeding your own cultivars. In short, growing your own cannabis gives you a chance to be as creative as you want throughout the process.

You Save Money

If you consume cannabis on a regular basis, buying your supplies from somewhere isn’t probably as financially efficient as growing it on your own. In fact, when you grow your supplies on your own, you save BIG! Yes, growing needs some initial investment for equipment and other things. But you can recover that in no more than one or two harvests. And we shouldn’t forget the amount of cannabis that will be accessible to you any time. No more standing in long line outside cannabis dispensaries or meeting shady dealers in some creepy places!

A lot, of course, depends on the amount you usually consume. However, even a single plant or two can get you a steady flow of marijuana to help you get the financial burden off your head.

When you grow your own cannabis, you also get to learn about the cost involved in the process. This makes you a lot careful of how you consume your cannabis usually, as you know the amount of effort it takes to grow it.

It’s Very Easy and Discreet

It’s not like people call it “weed” without any reason. As I said in the beginning, it’s actually very easy to grow. Most of the subtypes of the plant are very resilient and have the ability to withstand very harsh climatic conditions. But obviously, not all strains are similar. For instance, you can’t expect GSC to have similar properties as of Amnesia Haze. And so, you need to research a bit about what strains might be the best as per the climate in your area. This way, your efforts won’t go in vain. 

Medical marijuana doctors recommend that if you are growing cannabis for the first time, you should start with something small. Once you gain some experience, you can step up your game any time you like. Another thing you should keep in mind is that the quality of the final product will depend a lot on how you take care of the plant. So, don’t just try to get the growing cycle completed but actually focus on taking the best out of it.

One more thing you should know about growing cannabis is that it’s very discreet. How? As we said before, you can grow your cannabis in any condition you want. So, you may try growing it indoors. The only thing you need to focus here is the quality of the equipment you use. 

It Helps You Reconnect with the Nature

This benefit of growing on your own is not associated with only cannabis but any plant out there. When you take care of a plant, you get to see it grow. You get to observe the plant transform from a seed to a bud. And you witness a slow but beautiful and amazing maturation process. This way you get a chance to learn how your plant develops and what it requires to prosper.

Furthermore, observing is just one part of this process. In order to get the best out of your plant, you also need to learn how to react to the different behaviors of the plant. Sometimes, you may need to do nothing. While with some behaviors you will have to take some action in order to save your plant from diseases or nutrition deficiencies. All in all, growing your own cannabis will give you an opportunity to get to learn about nature in its raw form.

Why a License?

Now that we have talked about why you should consider growing cannabis on your own, let’s finally discuss how a medical marijuana grower license may help you.

Do you know how much cannabis can you grow usually? Only six plants at a time. And this may not be enough if you are really serious about it. But if you have a medical marijuana grower license, you can grow cannabis in up to a 100 sq. feet of area. And the amazing thing is that you don’t have any limit to the number of plants you may grow.

So, what are you waiting for? Talk to a medical marijuana doctor and get your license now!