The Ultimate Guide to Shopping in The Cannabis Dispensary

Visiting a cannabis dispensary is not like getting into a liquor store when you turn 21. The experience won’t be similar to exchanging a $20 for a zip lock, either. Despite a relatively new front, most cannabis dispensaries have developed their own customs and etiquette. Since it’s been deemed as essential business, you might be willing to give yourself a ride to one of the dispensaries down the block. Whether you want to taste some incredible recreational cannabis strains or wish to try it as a medical aid (using your medical cannabis card), you must be familiar with some unspoken codes of conduct.

By understanding the language of dispensaries and the budtenders, you won’t end up having any feelings of unfamiliarity. And by doing so, you are likely to get an excellent service. And walk out of highly potent strains, just like you desire. Here’s how you can have a fantastic shopping experience at a marijuana dispensary.

Before You Visit a Dispensary 

Going to a cannabis dispensary is similar to visiting a pharmacy. You need to make some prior preparations to save yourself some embarrassment. For that, you need to get hold of your driver’s license or a passport to confirm your legal age. Remember, you need to be 21 years old or above if you wish to step inside a licensed dispensary. For others who are 18 years or above, a medical cannabis card will be helpful.

Once you settle on the age requirements, the next thing would be money. It’s no brainer that cannabis is still a federally illegal drug. So, cannabis businesses can’t find banks or financial institutions to get accounts or loans. Hence, making it a “cash-only” business for now. So, without a second thought, bring cash with you whenever you come to visit a cannabis dispensary.

Another thing that you must prepare is “yourself.” We are not talking about educating yourself about cannabis science. We are talking about going to a dispensary with a clear mind. For instance, you must know the reason for which you are shopping cannabis in the first place. Whether you are looking for a symptom-relief? Or do you want to feel happy? These thoughts would help budtenders sort through your preferences quickly.

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When You Visit a Dispensary 

It’s time to show your ID. Be it your driver’s license or a medical cannabis card. And if you think you would be asked around for a card only one time, you are probably mistaken. Even if you are regulars, you will have to show it every single time you enter a cannabis dispensary. You must understand that regulations like these will help to save dispensaries from getting into any legal battle.

After all, shopping at a cannabis dispensary is nothing like picking a couple of jeans at an H&M store. You are buying something that’s deemed illegal at a federal level. So, you must prepare yourself to wait for a few minutes as budtenders need to input the information required as per your state’s law. And accordingly, print compliance receipts. Who knows your patience might get you an extra discount or an extra flower while checking out?

While Shopping in a Dispensary 

Cannabis dispensaries are nothing like “grab and go.” Most dispensaries are not even allowed to showcase their products on the sales floor. So, expect to have a dedicated budtender that will serve you. And guide you through different sections of the cannabis store. The person would take out some samples for you to smell. It is the right time when you can share your thoughts about the effects you desire from a product. That will help budtenders to find the products or strains of your choice quite easily.

Although not all budtenders have a professional medical license, they know their products better than anyone. Since they sampled every product and heard hundreds of customer reviews every day. In other words, they have first-hand experience when it comes to marijuana. So, you can put forth any query to the budtender and clear your doubts. It would also be a better idea to ask them about the cultivators of your preferred strain.

For instance, if you are looking for strong effects, just looking at cannabinoid percentages would not confirm its effects. Studies suggest that without proper storing, a 20% THC flower harvested approximately five months ago will have weaker effects than a freshly cured product with around 10% of THC. So, asking a budtender about the potency and efficiency of a product will be great. This protocol is a must for the patients who want to use cannabis with a medical cannabis card.

After You Are Done Shopping 

Now that you have your favorite strains and goodies with you to resist the urge to consume any product near the shop. Even if your state is cannabis legal, public consumption is still banned. And all the cannabis dispensaries need to maintain these guidelines. Otherwise, it could have some dire consequences. Again, lighting up a product in front of a cannabis store won’t make you any classy.

Of course, this goes without a saying that you need to make your payments before you go. Don’t forget the rule. Never touch the flower and don’t ask for every jar to smell, in case there is a line behind you. Additionally, you can look for online deliveries as well. Websites like Yelp, Weedmaps will give you an idea of stores providing delivery services. However, if you don’t like the idea, you can start growing your cannabis using a medical marijuana grower license.

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Final Thoughts 

Walking into a dispensary or placing an order for legal cannabis for the first time is both fantastic and surreal. Often customers find themselves a bit confused when sorting through different options, varieties, and a myriad of other products available. Don’t forget that not every product can produce the same. So, it’s essential to know about the products, especially if you are using medical marijuana as a medical aid.

In such a case, asking the budtender would help. In fact, a trained specialist would ask you more questions to help them understand your mindset better. And, if you are lucky enough, they might even recommend a few products to suit your needs. So, be ready with your ID or a medical cannabis card, and be a part of the cannabis world without any hassles.

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