Tips for Making Your own Edibles At Home

As the world is developing, the cannabis industry is also becoming more diverse. It is not like the past where you’d have only a couple of edibles to choose from. Now there’s a whole lot of variety. You get edibles made of different strains, cannabis beer and even cannabis popcorns.  

And if that doesn’t satisfy you, you can even make your own variety by cooking with cannabis at home. All you need is access to dried buds or concentrates and you can use it to make any recipe that you like. Check the first box by getting a medical cannabis card. If you get one online, it will be a matter of minutes for you to get evaluated and have the medical card in your email. You can then use it to have any cannabis strain or product you desire. As for cooking with cannabis, here are a few tips that can help you out. 

Learn about the chemical profile of your strain

Before you get into the kitchen and start cooking, have a look at the type of strain you have. The potency and effects of your edibles will depend on the type of strain you use.

Before you buy your strain, do some research to find which one may suit you best. If you like the intoxicated feeling, go for a high THC strain. If not, a higher CBD ratio is the right choice for you. Similarly, go through the different types of terpenes that exist in cannabis. See which flavor or aroma you’d like and then make a decision.

If you have bought your stash from a licensed source, look at the labels. It will have a proper description about the chemical profile like the ratio of THC and CBD and the terpenes your stash contain. Go through the label and identify your dose accordingly. 

Sanitize your Kitchen

Hygiene is very important especially today in the times of COVID-19. Cross contamination can happen very easily. Your hands, the groceries and other items that come from outside the home can be contaminated. And the virus isn’t visible to the naked eye so it is best to be as cautious as possible.

Whenever you use the kitchen make sure to sanitize everything. From kitchen counters and knives to chopping boards and gas stove, everything has to be sanitized. Do not rely on homemade cleaners as they are not effective against the virus. Only use ones that are certified by the Environment Protection Agency or ones that have at least 70 percent alcohol. While cooking, try to not touch any unsanitized object. If you do, be diligent with washing your hands. 

Maintain portion control

Microdosing and cannabis will always go hand in hand. Before you start cooking with cannabis, identify your correct dose. You can always connect to the nearest 420 doctors to get guidance about microdosing. Once you are sure, begin by making your own edible.

Even if you are not sure about your dose, the best option is to go small. It will help you in two ways. One, you can control the potency and prevent overdosing. And two, you will not waste any cannabis. The cannabinoids in the cannabis bind to the fats of the oil or butter that you want to infuse. But, this binding is limited. So if you add a lot of cannabis into the oil or butter thinking it will be more potent, you are nothing but wrong. So always follow the correct ratios mentioned in the recipes. 

Learn About the Decarboxylation Process

You cannot just dump your dried buds into the milk or butter and call it an infusion. It is not going to work. Raw cannabis contains THC and CBD in acid forms. It needs heat to be able to convert from acids into the psychoactive THC and CBD. Otherwise it won’t be potent. So how do you do that at home? By learning how to decarboxylate at home.

Begin by grinding your dried buds. Don’t make it too fine or your cannabis will burn easily. Place the cannabis on the baking tray and bake it in the oven at 225 degree Fahrenheit for 45 minutes. Remember to keep checking in between temperatures tend to fluctuate which can burn the cannabis.

If you do not have an oven, there are other methods too like using the microwave. 

Always test the potency of your edible

Before you get excited about your homemade cannabis edible, stop and test its potency. It can be difficult to know exactly how much is needed for your daily dose and how much cannabis is there in a spoonful of your homemade cannabutter. So until you gain the experience, take a small dose and test the effects. If it is too much or too little, let the day pass and test a different dose another day. 

In case you’ve made an infusion, remember to stir it well before testing the potency. This allows for the cannabis to be equally distributed in the infusion and gives you a correct idea of the potency and lets you adjust the potency accordingly.

This step is important to know exactly how much is needed to achieve the desired effects. Otherwise, you’ll have a perfect high one day and an overdose the other. 

Label properly

Even though you are making your edibles at home, you need to label them properly. You will most definitely store you edible in the refrigerator. If you have a separate one for cannabis products then there is no issue. But if you are using the same one as other members of your family, remember to label your infusion.

Labeling can also be of help if you live alone. In case you cook frequently with cannabis, you can label about when the was a dish made. And what is the potency of each cannabis infusion. 

High temperature should be avoided

When cooking with cannabis, be careful about the temperatures. High temperatures are not good for cannabis. It ruins the cannabinoids and the potency. So stick to low temperature only and stir steadily. This avoids any burning and retains the necessary flavonoids and terpenes.

Use a thermometer while cooking with cannabis and stay within 338 degrees Fahrenheit for best results. The best tip to avoid increase in temperature is to add water to the infusion and stir frequently. It will ensure that THC doesn’t degrade and stay intact in the edible. 

After having walked through the important tips of cooking with cannabis, it is time for you to get in the kitchen and try making your own edible. 

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