Top 7 Cannabis Strains for Appetite Stimulation

If you have ever smoked or ingested cannabis, you probably are familiar with the herb’s ability to induce a strong and raging appetite, which can make you raid your fridge to almost empty. People usually call this phenomenon “munchies.” 

While cannabis-induced munchies may make you fall face down into the pack of Cheetos,  this phenomenon actually isn’t bad for everyone. We are living in a world full of diseases. Almost everyone today is suffering from at least one health condition. And there are a lot of diseases, such as digestive disorder, chemotherapy side-effects, etc., that can make you lose your appetite. 

But cannabis munchies can help you get it back! So, what are you waiting for? Apply for a medical cannabis card now!

However, you should note that not all cannabis strains are created equally. And so, you need to be selective here. The main cannabinoid that is responsible for the munchies is THC. So, you need to focus on getting a high THC strain if you want to stimulate your appetite. 

Still not confident about what strains to get? Don’t worry! We’ve listed some of them below.

Here are the seven best cannabis strains that may help you boost your appetite.

1 Royal Cookies

Now, if you are convinced that cannabis can help you with your appetite stimulation, and are thinking of getting a medical marijuana card, this should definitely be the first strain you try. 

Royal Cookies is an amazing strain that has the ability to get your mouth watering and your stomach grumbling. This power-packed hybrid, with 20 percent Sativa and 80 percent Indica, is very potent in nature. It has a THC content of around 23 percent that makes it capable of producing a mind-blowing psychotic high. The effects usually start very slowly, giving you a nice, euphoric feeling, and then eventually makes you feel quite sleepy. 

Now, let’s not forget what we are actually here for- appetite. And as said before, if you are looking for munchies, this strain is a must-try. Once you get the product in your system, the THC will induce an unending starvation, which usually lasts for most of your high. Furthermore, if THC is not enough, its sweet and earthly flavors will definitely get your appetite moving.

2 Haze Berry

Haze Berry is another hunger-inducing strain that is considered a superstar among the cannabis enthusiasts. It’s an 80 percent Sativa-dominant hybrid, which is made by mixing Silver Shining Haze and Blueberry. The strain has a THC content of around 20 percent, which makes it really potent. 

The effects of the strain include an amazing cerebral high with a feeling of productivity and motivation, owing to the high levels of THC. Plus, the CBD content adds a chill element to the overall effects. Furthermore, the Sativa genetics make Haze Berry an amazing choice for you if you are thinking of using it to ramp up your hunger. 

3 Purple Queen

Purple Queen, which is a combination of Purple Afghani and the Hindu Kush, is indeed a delight to the eyes. The light pink leaves, the purple exterior, and the dark green core make its aesthetics just unparalleled within the cannabis world. 

However, the strain isn’t just about looks. This Indica-dominant hybrid packs a stunning 22 percent of THC, which when consumed has the ability to hit you hard with a body high, leaving you couch-locked for quite some time. Furthermore, the euphoric effects also induce a raging hunger, and make your food taste extremely delicious. And this can motivate you to eat more than you usually do. 

4 Somango XL

The name of this strain quite accurately describes the taste you get when you smoke it- ripe, tasty, and sweet mangoes. In fact, it is for its terpene profile, mostly, the growers select this strain.

Somango XL is a 75 percent Indica-dominant strain, with a THC level of almost 18 percent and a medium CBD content. And all these properties make it a very potent strain. However, due to the Indica genetics, the effects it produces are quite sedating. And thus, it’s better to use it in the evening, before dinner time. 

The users of this strain often claim of getting a euphoric feeling with its use and entering a state of extreme hunger that can be satisfied only by eating a significant amount of food. And this makes it a perfect choice for people who are looking for a strain to boost their appetite.

5 Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is another Sativa-dominant strain, which is quite famous in the cannabis world for its extremely potent nature. The strain carries a whopping 22 percent of THC, which is enough to light up your brain immediately. And only a few hits from a joint can boost up your cognitive functioning and get your creative juices flowing. 

The high you get from the strain usually starts with your head and eventually gets to your body. And that’s when the munchies hit you with full force. The hunger you get from Amnesia Haze is very extreme and has the ability to make you run to your fridge immediately. Mind you, the effects of this strain can last very long, and so can your urge to eat.

6 Girl Scout Cookies

“Girl Scout Cookies” may sound like the name of a teenage girl band. But trust me, it has the ability to hit you really hard. I mean, what can you expect from a strain that packs a THC content of up to 27 percent? That’s true!

The GSC is an Indica-dominant hybrid that is made by combining Durban Poison with OG Kush. And it has all the properties to give your appetite a nice and amazing boost. However, as mentioned before, the strain is quite a potent one. And so, if you are new to the cannabis world, 420 doctors recommend you tread carefully with this. 

7 Candyland

Candyland, which is made by crossing Granddaddy Purple and Platinum GSC, is a 50-50 hybrid that contains a THC content of around 24 percent. Though a balanced strain, it still feels more like a Sativa, which gives you a nice boost of energy when you consume it.

420 doctors recommend you consume it in the morning, before breakfast, and give it some time to work. After some time, you’ll feel an extreme feeling of hunger, which will make anything on your plate seem less. 

The Bottom Line

For some people, munchies can be a side effect of consuming cannabis. But if you are someone who is suffering from appetite loss due to any reason, this effect can actually be a golden ticket for you. 

However, if you are already on some medications, before using cannabis, you should consult a medical practitioner. Also, if you are planning on using cannabis as a medicine, we recommend you may apply for a medical cannabis card and enjoy various benefits that come with it. 

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