Why Should We All Support Cannabis Legalisation

America just got done with their 2020 presidential elections. But apart from the president being on the ballot, there were also multiple marijuana-related reforms on the ballots. Majority of which went through. 

Currently, there are 11 states which have legalized cannabis, 33 where you need a medical cannabis card to access marijuana, and more joining these lists very soon. So, for the people who have still not understood why cannabis should be legalized, we have made a list of arguments that are in favor of cannabis legalization and regulation. 

So, people who are still struggling to wrap their heads around why cannabis is shrouded in hype have a look at our list. 

 It is a Medicine

Scientifically speaking cannabis is a medicine. It helps people deal with nausea while undergoing chemotherapy, and helps seizure patients deal with frequent spasms. It also works wonders for people who suffer from anxiety and is less toxic and addictive than any absolutely any opioid available on the market. 

But in America, cannabis is grouped under the same category as methamphetamine and heroin setting a dangerous precedent. The truth is that this herb is backed by a rich history of being used in traditional medicines. Cannabis thanks to its cannabinoids has helped multiple people achieve relaxation and well-being for several thousand years. 

We Are Wasting Resources 

Do you know how many people are arrested on charges related to marijuana usage and possession in a year? Over 633,000. Which is crazy considering it is a non-violent offense that costs the US billions of dollars in police time and processing. 

Similar to how the prohibition of alcohol led to an increase in the illegal market, cannabis too underwent the same change. When cannabis was first deemed an illegal drug the hope was that people will stop using it. Well, that for sure did not happen. Today absolutely anyone can find a cannabis dealer and the government cannot tax or regulate its usage. 

It’s a Matter of Freedom and Justice

When it comes to the use of a herb like cannabis the choice should be in the hands of adults whether or not they want to use cannabis. It is a personal choice like alcohol. 

Cannabis prohibition infringes right down to the right of privacy. Also, if you have a look at the numbers, in states where cannabis has been legalized the number of cannabis arrests has dropped from more than 100,000 a year to 1,181 in 2019

Prohibition is Misused to Disproportionately Target POCs 

America has the largest population of prisoners out of any nation in the world. This does not speak to the crime rate of the country but rather the sad state of legislation. You can be thrown in jail just on suspicion of owning cannabis. From possessing minute amounts to even an empty pipe. Absolutely anything can lead to your arrest.  

Additionally, marginalized communities are more likely to be arrested on these charges, From day one it has not been a war on drugs but rather a war on the poor and people of color. 

Legalization is the Path to Job Creation 

Legalization helps bring in money, prohibition on the other hand flushes it down the drain. In states where cannabis is legal, it is a $10.73 billion industry responsible for 243,700 jobs.

States can end up collecting millions just via tax revenue. All the US has managed to do till now via prohibition is give rise to a bustling market that is unregulated and unsafe. 

Legalization Ensures Safety

In California, thanks to the legalization of cannabis you have products that don’t even get you high ( thank you CBD). 

In other states, instead of brownies, you have edibles that are dosed and packaged in accordance with food safety standards. Once you prohibit a substance, you do not make it vanish. Instead, you drive all facets driving its production, cultivation, and production underground. Medical marijuana grower licenses have helped many people grow their own cannabis and use it in a medical capacity. 

Just in 2019, Illegal THC vape cartridges made thousands of Americans sick. 

The choice is thus in your hands. Either continue to live in this unsafe world that marginalizes and targets one facet of society. Or understand the broader aspects of the legalization of cannabis and support it. 

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